Will Your MLM Opportunity Die? Ty Tribbles Did!

by Robert Peil

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It is sad. I'ts a nightmare. It's now gotten messy...

You did your due diligence, and joined the "best" MLM opportunity out there.

You've put years of work into building your downline, it's now your full time income. You now break bread with the company owners. You're in the top 3% income earner bracket...

"Is it really happening? it happens to others, but to me? I "built" this company!"

It's happened. You wake up and the beloved MLM company pulled the plug. That MLM opportunity is no longer an MLM opportunity!

It is sad. I'ts a nightmare. It's now gotten messy... and it can strike at even the best of us:

It Can Strike At Even The Best Of Us


Industry Leader Ty Tribble

Just a few days ago this tragedy hit one of our top industry leaders, Ty Tribble. His MLM opportunity, Eiro, shut their doors without warning.

They "ceased operations".

Ty is a major leader and teacher of online marketing and has a very respectable following.

Herein lies the secret to survival. People join people. They join people that care. Not an MLM opportunity. Or a product. Or a compensation plan.

Granted, those elements are vital, but with a team built of strong solid relationships, tragedies like this Eiro example can be weathered fairly, and actually can open up even better opportunities.

So how do we choose a good company and at least minimize the risk of the above scenario?

How Do We Choose An MLM Opportunity?

The best answer to this scary question is found in this free ebook that explains a "five pillar" concept that is used to examine a company. If the company passes all five criteria, or "pillars" then the odds are in tremendous favor for the company to prosper very well, and stay around for many years.

The author of this book is Michael Dlouhy, a gentleman that has joined over 100 different MLM opportunities to arrive at this "five pillar" concept. He did this as a voluntary project to "give back" to the industry as a gift, as he so elegantly puts it in his own words: "...to try to balance out against all the B.S. that is out there in this industry!"

The fact is, from over his 20 years of research, only 20% of all MLM companies pass this test. Now naturally, this leads us to the next prosaic question:

Does your MLM opportunity pass,
and fall inside the 20% group?

I seriously urge you to download this ebook and check your company against this "Five Pillar" evaluation.

This Success In 10 Steps ebook is free, it is the fruit of pure voluntary work, and is purely generic. It does not promote any MLM company, or product. It has no affiliate links in it.

This ebook will teach you the 5 pillars on how to qualify ANY MLM company:

  1. It just SEEMS like brain surgery (The Pay Plan)
  2. Last One In Is A Rotten Egg (Market Timing)
  3. Never Dedicate Your Life To An Inanimate Object (The product)
  4. A Whole Lotta Connivin' Goin' On (Company Leaders)
  5. Opportunity Hides In The Tall Grass (The System)

Enjoy it's priceless knowledge! It will help understand a better future for the 80% of you!

Ty Tribble and his team will no doubt weather their misfortune, but could you?

Come back and give comments below on what you found in the ebook. I love your feedback and questions! (even before you read the ebook!) ;)

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Rose Mis

You summed it up perfectly Robert … people don’t join companies, they join PEOPLE. Nothing new or surprising about a company going out of business – it is happening everywhere, in EVERY industry.

What sets network marketing apart from all the rest is that, if a sales organization has been built and mobilized properly, finding a new company, with GREAT products, to work with is NOT that difficult. When was the last time corporate America could say that??

Kudos to Ty Tribble and Bo Short for being GREAT lead ers.

Kudos to you for this terrific blog. You are providing a great resource to people.

Success to you my friend !!
Rose Mis recently posted..EIRO Research Officially Ceases All Operations – Bo Short and Ty Tribble Exemplify Leadership In ActionMy ComLuv Profile


Robert Peil

Yes Rose, so true!

People NEED to join people, as the MLM model drives this teamwork behavior, rather than the opposite – as you so truly remind us about Corporate America.

Losing your MLM is really a bummer, and even though Ty and his comrades are seasoned leaders, we are all human – and I am sure he needs all the kind words he can get right now.

You certainly so graciously do your part. Kudos back to you for that!


Mark Gubuan | Online Network marketing

Did this really happen?? That’s crazy. I’ve been head down working on an eBook and now I’ve totally lost track of what’s happening.

Great post Robert. How’ve you been? Check out my eBook http://markgubuan.com/begguide
Mark Gubuan | Online Network marketing recently posted..SMART Network Marketing Goals for 2011My ComLuv Profile


Robert Peil

Hi Mark,
Yes, crazy stuff happens even to the best. Sad. Good work on you ebook! I see we reference the same resource in choosing an MLM company – Mike Dlouhy’s ebook. Nice to see a another like minded friend, Mark!


Mavis Nong @ Free Marketing Training

Hi Robert,

Well-said. This is where the power of Attraction Marketing comes in: people join people and not companies.

Companies come and go. True leaders will always be there!

It’s great to see what Ty is doing to support his team so they can stick together. They will definitely bounce back!

Thanks for sharing this.

All the best,
Mavis Nong @ Free Marketing Training recently posted..How To Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral EffortlesslyMy ComLuv Profile


Robert Peil

You are right, Mavis -
Attraction to true leadership values, and they shine the best in challenging moments like these ones that Ty has.


Oliver Tausend

Hi Robert,

thanks for this thoughtful post and sharing Michael Dlouhy’s ebook and the five pillars. Most companies fail by design. I would like to have a look into Eiro’s policies and procedures…

Take care

Oliver Tausend recently posted..Fear Of Loss Of Love – Playing With LoveMy ComLuv Profile


Robert Peil

Yes, Oliver.

I am still amazed at just learning the horrendous fact that 80% of all MLM companies out there are internally flawed by design!

So at LEAST 80% of MLM distributors have the odds stacked against them even before they begin!

I wonder how these people feel when they discover that it is NOT their fault that they do not succeed…


Cathie Heath

Thought provoking post, Robert.

Brings to mind that not only do we need to choose the company we ally ourselves with very carefully, but also highlights the importance of being able to stand on our own regardless of what company(ies) we work with.

Don’t care for the word “branding”, but that’s actually what it is… guarding your name by exercising caution as to what you become known for. People of integrity, like Ty, will always land on their feet because of the way they conduct themselves in the marketplace.


Robert Peil

Very well put Cathie.

The key word for success, regardless of company tragedies is definitely “integrity” as you so wisely point out!

Thanks for your support!


Douglas - MLM

Hi Robert,

“Herein lies the secret to survival. People join people. They join people that care. Not an MLM opportunity. Or a product. Or a compensation plan.”

I couldn’t agree more.



Robert Peil

Thanks Douglas.

You have my instant respect!


Susanna Hess@Video for Business

Hi Robert,

You nailed it here. It’s about building a relationship, a name and a brand for yourself.

Companies come and go, but your name lasts forever.

Thanks for passing along a powerful message.

Susanna Hess@Video for Business recently posted..The Debate on Building a Brand Identity Through Your OfferMy ComLuv Profile


Robert Peil

That is so true, Sussana.

Ones name is his true value. Online and offline alike.


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