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Greetings! My name is Robert Peil - Husband, Dad, network marketer, blog builder trainer, and advocate of true marketing principles in the online home business industry.

On this site right here, you will find a focused selection of content, information, tips, and tricks to greatly enhance the core of your online MLM marketing.

You will also benefit from other closely related topics that will help you towards your marketing success. I am extremely zealous about moving forward to benefit from ones highest potential…and invite you to take advantage of anything you find here to do the same!

This blog right here was designed to help you clear the path to create the reality you want for yourself on this planet.

So first, a little bit of my story… I was born in Oregon, and my father, and my (Late) mother, separated when I was a young boy, and Mom moved to the East Coast taking with her my younger sister and myself.

The Move to Israel

The next life changing event was our move to Israel. Mom took us two kids and we embarked on a Greek ocean liner at New York and sailed for 14 days at sea to the port of Haifa. I had a huge culture shock to get used to, as a boy in the 6th grade. My struggle to learn a new second language and to adjust to a different environment was not easy. The 70's in Israel were definitely not the 70's of the U.S! It was like going 25 years back in a time machine.

Joining The Israeli Army

merkava tankAfter High School and working a few years as an electrician, I joined the Army - the Israeli "mandatory" army at age 28.

The Military was my next big challenge in life. They chose me to be an instructor!

My first thought was "ME? ...never happen! I'll crash and burn first!" Because I was just stricken with fear of standing up in front of people, let alone teach them anything, especially not in my native tongue!

However, in spite of my natural shyness I had all my life, I discovered that teaching became something I found to enjoy very much.

Finding My Love

robert and sarahSarah is my best friend and Wife. She and her family came from Maine and became my next door neighbor in Israel.

For me, she was "the girl next door". Now that was convenient!

Looking back, we smile at the odds of Oregon and Maine meeting in the Middle East!

Out of this union came our huge blessing of two wonderful kids: Jonathan (5) and Abby (Abigail - 2.5 years old).

Robert Peil at Point of Desperation In Life

After the first few years of turning into a poor “weekend worn out Dad and Hubby”, I saw that I was losing big in the daily rat race!

Having hit the "glass ceiling" in my profession (IT Administration) I was trapped inside the corporate hamster wheel of 12 hrs a day for the last 5 years left me feeling helpless.

Helpless was also how I felt at my day job being over an hour away from home, and getting a call from my wife at home with the kids: Sirens were going off and a rocket from the Gaza Strip hit our neighborhood just 800 yards from our house!

Maybe I Could Get Used To The Rockets, But No Money In The Bank Is Scarier!

That endless feeling of stress from watching crash time draw closer every day gnawed at my gut. Escaping by watching TV didn’t help either, but only stole more badly needed sleep time… I had to do something drastic…

I began scrambling for a solution. Seriously, I was busier than a one handed paper hanger with the hives! I frantically tried many things and spent a lot of money doing so. This included falling in love with the MLM “success dream”.

Abby Don’t get me wrong, I love MLM very much, but it became clear to me that achieving success by using the “old school” method of pitching a sale to family and friends was reserved to the very few, or the very lucky.

After trying two MLM companies and burning a hole in my pocket in the process, we came to the moment of serious reckoning. I felt like a fool and his money was parted…plus the hot breath of the bank breathing down my neck…

Desperation…it was our last call. Pull out the stops and throw it all on the table. Time for severe change!

So wife & I realized that the inevitable choice had to regrettably be made: sell our house, pull out pension funds, cash in everything, pay off the bank and with the little bit left, and move back to the States. As both of our families are all there, at least we would have them to help us out.

However, during this time of despair came a turn. It was a month after we had already sold our house and a few days before we left Israel, Mr. Opportunity knocked at our door, and it was quite an eye opener! I’ll get to it in a minute…

Our Move To Maine

Jonathan We found a place close to my wife’s parents here in South Portland, Maine. We’ve been here for just a few months and the kids love to spend time with their relatives and love being spoiled by their grandparents!

Jonathan is excited about going to a new school and making new friends in his kindergarten class and Abby now knows to shout “coffee!” every time we drive by a Dunkin Doughnuts.

She doesn’t drink it though…

…and I’m staying home working with Mr. Opportunity…

And Then Opportunity Knocked!

…back to Mr. Opportunity. During the last year prior to our move, I was introduced to the power of the internet and to very successful marketing trainers teaching how correct online marketing was the missing piece to succeed online with any MLM.

I was introduced to successful network marketers with an amazing mentoring system online.

I've discovered that if you choose a successful mentor, with a proven system, be coach-able and persistent (see here an inspirational video on that) you have a sure formula to achieving success.

Notice: The principle that I believe in for building towards success, is “Cast Your Bread Upon The Waters, It’ll Return Buttered” - yes, if you can be a leader with a servants heart, you just might as well decorate your heart with dollar signs.

Thus, I am collecting together all the best educational material I've discovered, and all that I continue to learn about Online Marketing and I’ll be selecting the best MLM related content to put on this Blog for you.

I’m truly looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you, and together become victors in the most challenging battle of all – to be successful in gaining financial freedom and lifestyle liberty!

Stay tuned – Robert Peil.

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